JCI Amsterdam Art Exchange

The event


On the 23rd of November JCI Amsterdam International will organize an Art Exposé at the Art Hotel in Amsterdam. For two weeks your art can be shown in the Gallery of the hotel in the center of Amsterdam. The first day we will have a reception at the Gallery.


The theme


JCI Amsterdam is organizing this event in coöperation with JCI Tokyo Minato, Japanese art will be shown at the Gallery and Dutch art is promoted in Japan. Most importantly is our theme: United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. More information on the SDGs can be found here.

We offer a two week free exposition to artists and in return we ask artists to link the art they create or enter (if already created) to one of (or more) the SDGs by writing a short message how they are connected.

We are still working on the possibility of selling the art works from the Gallery, if so we will ask a small donation (think max 10%) which will go 100% to charity linked to the SDGs.


Application citeria


  1. Any kind of Paintings or photos. If you want to exhibit sculptures, please contact us beforehand,
  2. Theme should be relating to UN SDGs more information on SDGs can be found here: link,
  3. Maximum size: 130 cm x 97 cm,
  4. Artworks should be prepared as you want it to be exhibited, with painting frames etc.,
  5. Artworks should be delivered to an address in Amsterdam (we will inform the exact address when you apply),
  6. At maximum 5 artworks can be applied per artist,
  7. Your new artworks and existing artworks can be applied as long as they are relating to UN SDGs, Please write a short description of max 300 letters how they are connected to the SDGs,
  8. Application due date: 10th November 2019,
  9. Artworks delivery due date: 20th November 2019.

If you have any other questions please don’t hesitate to contact us: artexchange AT jciai DOT nl

Art Exchange Application

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