What we do & how we do it

Our aim is to develop the skills of each of our members and help them reach their true potential – whatever that may be. We also strive to “create positive change” both in our members and in society as a whole.

What can you get as a JCI member?

We run a comprehensive program of formal management trainings, conferences, social events and practical projects that are available locally, nationally and internationally. All activities are carried out in a supportive environment enabling members to derive the maximum benefit possible.


Participate in the local, national and international networks

Social Responsibility

Develop social responsibility


Develop your leadership ability

Business Contacts

Develop your business contacts

  • Community 55% 55%
  • Individual (Other areas) 19% 19%
  • Business 15% 15%
  • Internationalization 7% 7%
  • Charity 4% 4%
Source: JCI Global Project Gallery (http://www.jci.cc/media/en/projectgallery)

What can you develop at JCI?

Our mission is “To provide development opportunities that empower young people to create positive change.” This desire – to be active in the local business and civic community as an organisation that develops the leaders of today and tomorrow – runs throughout all our programs. Essentially, there are four different areas of opportunity:


JCI is all about learning by doing, but to help you we also offer a wide variety of training. A small excerpt of the possible training is listed below:

  • Presenter
  • JCI Achieve
  • Project management
  • Debating
  • Fundraising
  • JCI Impact
  • Effective leadership
  • Parliamentary procedures (Roberts Rules of Order)

A large part of doing business is creating & maintaining a good network. JCI is also largely based on building a good network. By organising business and social events JCI creates the opportunities to meet different people in a more informal setting. Allowing you to get to cultivate useful contacts. Of course organising a business event or conference adheres to the learning by doing motto, one can develop your networking skills in a safe environment where it is ok to learn from your mistakes. All in all lots of opportunities to develop your business skills or get into contact with lots of interesting people.


JCI Amsterdam International itself is already very internationally oriented by being the only English speaking chapter in the Netherlands thus attracting members of a wide variety and backgrounds. JCI also organises a lot of International activities such as a yearly European & World Conference. Any training given within JCI is open for members from all over the world. We also have a close connection with the United Nations and every year there is a JCI Global Partnership Summit at the UN headquarters in New York City.


As you can read community is at the heart of JCI, most (55%) of our activities are centered around doing Community projects. It of course speaks directly to ‘creating positive change in the World’. The most exciting thing about community projects is that they can be widely different. As a chapter we participate in activities by sister chapters from Amsterdam like the Santa for a Day project (link) where we collected 1300 presents for kids from families that rely on the Food-bank. Or we work together with an international chapter in a different country for example JCI Serbia and a partner like the Red Cross. Where we helped by collecting goods and money for the rain flood victims (link).

You imagination and the work you put into it determine what you can do within Community projects and we have a lot of enthusiastic members to support each other.

Each area has individual projects, training opportunities and activities that often overlap with each other, but they can all provide significant opportunities for your personal development. Membership brings many benefits, from international travel and events to developing skills that will put you ahead in the workplace. You could find yourself learning public speaking skills, picking up presentation and interview techniques or gaining marketing advice.

This is all done in regular get-togethers outside of work hours, and you don’t need to be professionally qualified, or employed in a particular industry, to join – just a desire to meet like-minded people and have fun. JCI supports the philosophy of “learning by doing”, allowing members to reach their full potential. The variety of opportunities throughout JCI is huge – providing great value for your money.

We truly believe a membership of JCI offers challenges that make your life more meaningful, worthwhile and personally rewarding while developing deep friendships that can last a lifetime.

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